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About Us

With over twenty years of experience in wedding and portrait photography, I am one of Saint Louis’s most sought-after photographers. A native St. Louisan and Mary Institute alumnus, I graduated from Rice University with a background in history and fine arts and launched my career in Houston. In 1987 I moved back to St. Louis and opened my own studio, where I established a thriving business by introducing photojournalistic wedding photography to the St. Louis area.

In my work, I bring both enthusiasm and passion. It is not unusual for me to take 8000 images at one wedding or 1000 during a portrait sitting. With top-of-the-line equipment and the curiosity and adaptability to change with the technology, I am confident that I can give you the very best product on the market. I shoot all photographs in RAW format on cutting-edge Canon equipment, which gives me the greatest possible flexibility and control over the final product so that I deliver nothing short of perfection. I am at ease in the studio or on location and work with natural light when at all possible.

In my work I constantly strive to live up to the words of one of my favorite writers, Susan

Sontag: “In addition to romanticism (extreme or not) about the past, photography offers

instant romanticism about the present. In America, the photographer is thus not simply

the person who records the past but the one who invent it.”

As myself a mother of four, I bring an easy demeanor and reassuring smile that quells the anxiety of both small children and nervous brides. In my portraits, I will do whatever it takes to give parents a portrait that captures the essential nature of their child while at the same time becoming a work of art that will grace their walls. When I photograph younger children, I work with an assistant whose ability to charm even the most recalcitrant child astonishes their mothers. In addition, my classical bridal portraits capture the glamour of a bygone era. They display an understated elegance that is both sophisticated and beautiful.

My passion is to give my clients and their descendents an elegant historical record of the beautiful moments in their lives so that looking at their photographs will always bring them a thrill of pleasure.