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“I soooo loved all of the poses you did for Molly—so classic. I love that you drew from historical paintings for inspiration. While we know Kiki is a totally different girl and a bit more modern than Molly, I hope you will consider a historical perspective once again….The amazing thing is that you totally get all the Frane girls’ personalities! (People are still talking about the photos!!)”


“I loved the picture you sent of the children and immediately put it up in our family room…Julianne is nearing her 18th month milestone. She is so fun right now and full of laughs and smiles. She continually reminds us of her brothers, and I’ll look forward to watching you capture her in your beautiful photography. Thank you again, and I feel fortunate to have such a wonderful relationship with you and having you photograph the children. You need to stop by sometime to see our gallery of your works!”


“I never understood growing up why my mom made us take so many pictures…but now I do! Little kids grow up WAY too fast. We have to capture every moment we can. Thank you again, Josephine, for your kindness and thoughtfulness….You are so wonderful!”


“Many thanks for your patience and professionalism with our portrait of Gulliver. We are thrilled beyond belief with the proofs and know the final product will be our treasured memory.”


"Oh my gosh, Josephine - I have never seen anything so beautiful! All of them are just amazing, I am so excited about these, thank you for doing this, it was such an amazing that our family will have. You really captured both of their essence of their personalities."


These are fabulous!!“Nancy was soooooo pleased with their photos! How could she not be?? They are the finest!! I told her I do not know how she is going to make a decision!!”


“I just got my Ladue News and found Ramsey's add. It is so precious and it even made Ramsey smile. He recognized himself in the paper.”


“My bridal portraits are beautiful and make me so proud. You are an excellent photographer, storyteller and artist, Josephine. I have and will continue to rave about you.”